Pedigree Anglo-Nubian prize winning show herd.

Bred for lasting quality and good udder conformation.

Milk recorded * and Q* milkers.

CAE whole herd negative tested since 1989.


Herd Background:

We started with a British goat, Ilex Dinah, upgraded to AN's using mainly Poplartime males. Our first pure AN was R106 Ivybeck Tisa Q*4 . She gained 4 BCC's as a first kidder in 2000.

Today's Herd Members:



Dam of R113 Ivybeck Kaya Q*6 BrCh

R121 Ivybeck Kumi Q*5 Br Ch b.1999.

Ivybeck Atacama b 2006 out of Ivybeck Kumi
3 times Reserve Best Kid


Fourth generation Breed Champion

Strenshalh Caraway Q*5 BrCh b.2004 (out of R141 Claycroft Clare Q*4 BrCh) .

Other Current Herd Members:

Ivybeck Koel Q*7 b 2004
Ivybeck Kumala b 2005 Ivybeck Coriander b 2006
Ivybeck Sahara b 2006
§165/130+ Patricaken Tobermory
b. 2005. Sire of all 2006 kids.


Ivybeck Kalahari b 2006 Out of Ivybeck Kumi
Best male kid, Northumberland Male Show


R. Torrance, Foxton Cottage, Low Trewhitt, Thropton, Morpeth,
Northumberland, NE65 7EP
Tel. 01669 630330







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